Root Canal

One of the classic debates from the world of dentistry is the one between dental implants and root canal. The reality is that they are two very different alternatives with one common aim-to bring your smile back. Read on to find out about when dental implants in Sydney can replace root canal therapy and what factors must be considered while making the choice.

Can the Tooth “Survive” In The Long Run?

Most dentists would recommend “saving” your natural teeth than get it replaced. However if the damage is deep and there is very little tooth structure left then root canal is not the best option. During the root canal therapy, the interior of the tooth is hallowed out and a crown is placed on the brittle tooth to save it from fracture and other damage. A tooth that is too weak may give up on the crown too early and thus make the treatment not worth your time and money. Thus not only does the treatment get complicated and risky in this case, but also holds no good in the long run.

What Suits the Patient Best?

Letting go of the natural teeth can be a difficult decision to take. However the specific health factors of a particular patient must be considered before choosing an option. For instance, women with lower oestrogen level may show lower success rate with implants. Patients with poor bone quality must choose Sydney dental implants for long-term benefits. The risk factors and lifestyle of the patient must be discussed in detail with the surgeon before proceeding along a direction.