About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a high-tech tooth replacement that impersonates the whole tooth structure. Despite a lot of dental advancements, millions of people around the world suffer tooth loss due to periodontal diseases, injuries or decays. For many years, there were only dentures and bridges to restore a missing tooth, but nowadays dental implants Sydney have replaced all the other options providing the best ever long lasting solution! It looks just like your real teeth and can last for a lifetime with proper care. With all the advantages they provide, dental implant technology has become the state-of-the-art tooth placement solution.

Who are the Candidates for Teeth Implants Sydney?

If you have missed one or more teeth, or if there are some broken or decayed tooth that is left untreated, implants are sure the answer for you. Also, if you are a patient who is uncomfortable with the already fixed partial dentures or bridges you can benefit from dental implant technology.

In the past, patients with insufficient bone density and who suffered some health conditions were considered not as a healthy candidate for dental implants. With the advancement in technology and bone reconstruction, it has made that almost all the patients can receive implants. With these innovations in dentistry, many patients are smiling bright who were formerly told they could not!

How successful are Dental Implants?

The success rate of dental implants has claimed to be 98% with proper care. However, the success rate may vary depending on where in the jaw bone your implants are placed and how experienced is the dentist who handles your implant. It also requires some of your care and regular maintenance to last for a lifetime.

What are the benefits and advantages of getting Dental Implants Sydney?

Dental Implants can last a Lifetime!

Dental bridges have a lifetime of only ten years or so, even with proper care. However, dental implants can last a lifetime. These implants made of titanium integrate with your jaw bone. As they are biocompatible, they form a strong bond with proper and continuous care.

Dental Implants behave like your Natural Teeth!

The most significant advantages of choosing dental implants are that they restore full function of your natural teeth. They reinstate your attractive smile and your full chewing power. Most patients cannot tell the difference between their implant and natural tooth. They claim to eat completely normal.

Dental Implants prevent bone loss!

When there is a blank space left in your mouth, the jaw bone in the empty space will deteriorate due to lack of stimulation. If no implant is placed for a long time, you may lose 25% of the jaw bone volume, and it keeps increasing continuously with years.

The dentures on the other hand also accelerate bone loss as they become loose, they rub against the bony ridges. A dental implant is a solution that replaces the tooth root as well as the crown structure, and it restores every function the normal tooth does, they also stimulate your jaw bone for growth.

Get your affordable dental implants cost Sydney now, to enjoy all the greatest benefits it offers!