Having a good set of teeth is very much essential for eating, talking, smiling and it has a significant impact in the personality of a human being. If you do not have a set of good teeth, it will have a negative impact on the above mentioned things and also will have a negative effect on the self-confidence as well. Dental implant has come as a boon to the people who are suffering from teeth loss. And also the cost dental implant seems to be affordable as like the cost of wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

Dental implant is the procedure by which a metal replica of your tooth will be fixed to the jaws (usually with the help of screws), which acts as a false tooth and functions just like the natural tooth. Dental implants have come over ages with advanced techniques being used nowadays in the process of installing dental implant.

Types Of Dental Implants:

1. Endosseous implants:

This is a type of implant which has a screw like bottom, which will be placed in the jaw bone. This can be done only in people who are having wider and deeper jaw.

2. Subperiosteal implant:

These types of implants are placed underneath the gums, but above the jaw bones. People who do not have the required jaw space can use this option.

3. Transosteal implant:

This is a U shaped frame that will be passed through the jaws and gums inside the mouth, where the artificial tooth will be fixed.

Types Of Dental Implants Procedures:

1. Single Tooth Replacement:

When a person loses a single tooth, it can be replaced using this process. Here a single implant will be fixed to the root and later the tooth replacement will be installed over it. When the patient loses one or two teeth, this procedure will be followed to fix the issue.

2. Multiple Tooth Replacements:

In case if the person has lost multiple teeth, it requires a different process where a support bridge work is been placed in the jaws where the implants will be fixed.

3. Replacing The Entire Set Of Teeth:

If someone wants the entire set of teeth replaced for some reasons, an implant with support bridge work can be used to get that done.

4. Sinus Augmentation:

Placing implants on upper back jaw is difficult, as it is close to the sinus. This procedure comes in handy in such situation as the sinus floor will be raised and develop bone for placing the implant.

5. Ridge Modification:

In case any deformities in jaws, it needs to be corrected before the implant is been placed. In such cases the defected bone is then filled with bone or some bone substitute to build up the ridge and then the implant will be placed.

Problems related to Dental Implants:

As in case of any other surgery, Although rarely, dental implant also comes out with its own risks. 

  1. It may cause injury to the jaws or blood vessels
  2. Chances for infection in the surrounding areas
  3. Damages in nerves can cause pain or numbness in tooth or gums
  4. May lead to sinus related problems

But it has been proven that by choosing the right dental implant surgeon, dental implants have a success rate of around 98%. So people can opt for this treatment without much fear, as the chances of the treatment going wrong is very meagre. All you need to do is hire an experienced dental implant specialist.

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