Deciding between Tooth Repair and Going for Dental Implants

Patients are often faced with a dilemma when they have to choose between salvaging their pearly whites or signing up for extraction and getting implants. Individuals who have these alternatives before them are generally the owners of teeth that have been rendered decrepit by gum disease, bone loss or severely damaged by cavities. A decision can be arrived at by taking into account the present oral health and the duration that a fix will last.

When Fixing is a Better Option

When remaining teeth are untouched by cavities or in cases where the patient has quit damaging habits like smoking or practicing bad oral hygiene; repairing the existing teeth can be considered. However, cheap dental implants cost in Sydney is also causing patients to question whether trying to salvage the teeth that remain is indeed a good decision for them.

Times to Extract and Opt for Implants
If a majority of your pearly whites are yellowed and decaying, you may have to consider having them taken out. The last thing you want is to go for a temporary fix that necessitates further treatment in a few years. Repair tends to be an extremely costly endeavour in addition to being time-consuming and painful. It would be wiser to take the dentist’s advice and elect complete extraction so you can have the full use of prosthetic teeth that last for years.

By opting for dental implants in Sydney many patients stand to gain the most, prompting them to choose the option of going for complete extraction.