dental implant

If there is an instance of missing teeth, you may consider dental implant. No matter how you lost the teeth, whether it was an accident or an injury or the lack of oral hygiene, dental implant can replace missing tooth and restore your smile. If you want a beautiful smile to win others, you should opt for dental implants. They are actually the artificial titanium roots inserted to the jaw in order to hold the new replacement tooth. Titanium is thought to be the most suitable material choice since it blends or fuses well with the jaw bone. This process is called osseointegration. After this process of fusion, the replacement tooth remains anchored. If you are inclined to replace missing teeth with dental implant, you may be wondering about its cost. Well, there are various factors that determine the cost.

Factors influencing the cost of dental implant

Cost of dental implants varies from clinic to clinic and from region to region. It depends on the experience level of the dentist who is carrying out the procedure, his team members, the work setting and the location. In the procedure of implant, an artificial tooth root is being used to hold place of replacement tooth. When compared to the teeth bridge work which was so popular previously, dental implant is far better. Dental implants are self-supporting and do not depend on the surrounding teeth. People choose dental implants due to aesthetic reasons. The implant appears like your own as it integrates to the teeth structure. With dental implant, there is no chance of jaw bone recession. The success rate implant is also very high and thus it is a reliable way of replacing the missing tooth. The type of dental implantation, the place of the surgery, the reliability and qualification or experience of the dentist can influence the price of implant.

The cost of the implant may be higher for some

A lot depends on the severity of condition when it comes to dental implant. In the USA, the price is pretty higher when compared to Australia. Single tooth implant can cost you 900-3000 dollars in Australia. But, if you need complete mouth implant, the cost may move up to 24000-96000 dollars. Nothing much can be said about the total cost of implant. You may get a full mouth restoration at affordable rates if you can do a bit of research on prices.

Choose the best dental surgeon

During the dental surgery, generally two specialists are required. They work together in collaboration to complete the task and to make the implant a success. As a patient, you must choose a highly competent, qualified and experienced surgeon.

Discuss out the dental implants cost with the clinic in advance to avoid surprises at the later stage. The best dentist can make it impossible to identify the replacement tooth.