Wisdom Teeth

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Do you know all impacted wisdom teeth are not created the same way? Yes, there are four common types of wisdom teeth impaction, and it is a common dental problem that affects the teeth which are at the very back of your mouth.  When a wisdom tooth is not fully grown in, it becomes impacted.

In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain while in other cases; it can affect other surrounding teeth, causing damages. This is why impacted wisdom teeth are surgically extracted to avoid dental complications. However, wisdom teeth removal Sydney is not always necessary. Depending on the type of impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist determines whether to extract them or not. Familiarising yourself about the different types of impaction is essential so that you can make an informed decision.

Vertical Impaction

This type of impaction doesn’t require wisdom teeth removal Sydney as it may emerge in the right position. As they are vertical orientation, there is a high chance that they may erupt completely and do not cause any troubles to nearby teeth. In case, if your dentist suggests extraction it may be due to the tooth causing pressure on the molar in front of the bones at the back of your mouth.

Mesial Impaction

In Mesial impaction, the tooth is angled in such a way that it pushing against the molar in front of it. It is the most common type of wisdom teeth impaction. The position of the tooth determines whether it has to be removed or not. Often, this type of impaction leads to a partial eruption where only a portion of tooth pokes into the gums, in most of the cases, it is monitored as it may erupt completely.

Distal Impaction

This type of impaction is the least common and it is the exact opposite of mesial impaction. The removal of a wisdom tooth is determined by the degree of the angle of the tooth. If the tooth is angled close to 90 degrees, it will not erupt and hit the jawbone. The dentist will decide whether or not the tooth should be removed.

Horizontal Impaction

It is one of the painful types of impaction when compared to other impactions. The tooth lies horizontally and completely away from the surface, pushing the molar next to it. Through x-ray, this type of impaction can be found and it is the most complicated one to remove. The complexity of the case affects the Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Often, the dentists suggest removal for these types of impactions as they can damage the surrounding teeth.

If you think you may be suffering from impacted wisdom teeth in Sydney, visit the dentist as early as possible.