Pain Management after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Pregnancy is marked by intense hormonal changes that cause a strong impact on the overall health of the patient. One of the common problems during pregnancy is issues related to the gums and teeth. Oral surgeons recommend patients to undergo a complete oral care check-up including cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney as a part of their preconception duties to avoid further complications.

However, patients suffering from pain and infection of wisdom teeth during pregnancy must consider the following facts.

  • Women in the first trimester are generally recommended to wait until the completion of 10 weeks for a safer procedure.
  • The middle trimester is considered the safest time for tooth extraction and stress due to any dental procedure must be avoided during the initial as well as the final days of pregnancy.
  • Local anaesthesia administered in the right amount to ensure patient’s comfort is safe for pregnant women. Some dentists suggest anaesthesia without epinephrine to cut down the duration of the effect.
  • Patients must not fail to inform the oral surgeon about their pregnancy as it helps surgeons to schedule the procedure at the right time and also to recommend the right medication for the safety of the mother and child.

Pregnant women must discuss the possibility of scheduling their cheap wisdom teeth removal procedure in Sydney with their gynaecologist to procure the right advice before initiating the process. In general, all pregnant women must take the additional effort and time to maintain good oral hygiene during pregnancy.