Dental implants

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People with missing teeth can tell you how embarrassing it is to have a gap in their smile. Missing teeth not only affect the appearance and lowers self-confidence but also affects dental health as well. Missing teeth can restrict chewing and socializing, decreasing the quality of life of a patient.

For decades, dentures were the only option for replacing missing teeth. Today, advanced dental technologies and techniques help patients achieve the best dental health possible. Dental implants are one such remarkable innovation that helps patients return to optimal oral health.

Yes, if you are wearing dentures or have missing teeth, you can now replace it with dental implants. In fact, Dental implants give life to teeth. Compared to other teeth restorative options, dental implants in Sydney are a better, permanent replacement option, yielding much better results.  But, many are sceptical as Dental Implants cost Sydney is higher than other options. So, are they worth the money? Indeed. Here are a few reasons why dental implants are worth the cost:-

High success rate

There is no other teeth replacement option than dental implants Sydney as they have a high success rate. Yes, they are an effective and permanent solution, with a 98% success rate. Anyone with a missing tooth is a candidate for dental implants. However, your dentist is the right person to determine whether or not eligible for receiving dental implants.

Preserve jawbone

Unlike dentures that deteriorate the jawbone, cheap dental implants Sydney help to preserve the bone. Jaw bone requires a constant stimulus to remain healthy and strong. When you are missing a tooth, the jawbone will no longer get the stimulation from chewing and biting. As a result, the surrounding bone structure begins to deteriorate rapidly. During the first year of tooth loss, about 25% of bone will be lost and it will continue and leads to several dental problems till you replace the missing tooth.

Implants are naturally fused with the jawbone and act as a natural tooth root, allowing for healthy stimulation when biting and chewing.


Dentures have to be replaced every ten years. But, this is not the case with dental implants. Dental implants are made of titanium and inserted into the jawbone. Once they are inserted, implants fuse with the jawbone naturally through a process called osseointegration, and form a sturdy structure to hold the replacement tooth. With regular care and maintenance, dental implants can last forever. You may never have to worry about missing teeth again.

As you see, dental implants offer a plethora of benefits, and they are indeed worth the cost. For further queries, please call us. We are happy to assist you with your queries and suggest the right treatment plan.