5 Delicious Foods for a Faster Wisdom Tooth Recovery

Image by Nadin Dunnigan from Pixabay

You just had your wisdom tooth removed and your dental professional has advised you to be extra careful when it comes to your diet. Well, after wisdom teeth removal, your diet should include only soft and/or liquid foods that don’t require chewing. This ensures that the extraction site remains safe, while your body receives sufficient nutrients for faster healing. For an easy and quick recovery, try these 5 foods that are delicious and healthy:


Who doesn’t know that soups are healthy? Broth-based soups are great for wisdom teeth removal patients. Soups will supply sufficient protein and is a great alternative to sugar-based foods. But make sure that the soup is not too hot, but warm. Do not include too much fruits and veggies though, as they have to be chewed. Mild chewing of broth would be safe. Other options include tomato soup, chicken noodle soup, and celery soup.


Applesauce features a smooth texture that makes it a perfect recovery food. It is also rich in fibre and Vitamin C, so they are healthy indeed. Applesauce won’t require intense chewing activity, but facilitates faster healing too. Consuming homemade applesauce is a better option as it helps cut back on sugar and it is made using fresh ingredients, unlike the ones you get from the store.

Ice Cream:

Ice cream fans, rejoice! You get to not just enjoy your favourite flavour of ice cream, but also speed up recovery as well. Ensure that you stick to soft-serve ice cream that doesn’t contain any additions such as chocolate chips or something else that needs chewing such as cones, for instance. Chewing will disturb the wisdom teeth extraction site and causes bleeding and other complications. Therefore, during the recovery period, eating plane ice creams would be ideal.

Pudding or Jell-O:

Pudding and Jell-O also come in various flavours and is a delicious food that everybody loves. You could easily purchase quick recipe packets that allows for instant preparation. Or, you could make one yourself at home. Additionally, Jell-O also has a long shelf life when kept in refrigerator, so if you don’t feel like cooking something else, this could be waiting for you.


Smoothies and milkshakes are packed with nutrients and they are absolutely delicious. You could also add protein powder for more nutritional benefits. Remember to remove seeds from fruits, as this would disturb and impact the surgical site. Another suggestion would be to mix yogurt and ice that could be blended for a healthier smoothie.

Other healthier food options include yogurt, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and more. The truth is that, you could enjoy your favourite delicious foods that will aid in speedy recovery after wisdom tooth extraction. Contact your dental professional for any queries about post-extraction diet, wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney, recovery process, or anything else.