Facts about Tooth Implants

Just in case you were wondering, a dental implant is basically an artificial tooth root that is positioned into your jaw in order to hold a replacement tooth or a bridge. It’s what most people who’ve lost teeth to accidents or diseases opt for. And their use is widely promoted by dentists around the world. Leaving technicalities aside for this post, let’s instead focus on some of the lesser known facts about tooth implants.

1. They are immune to cavities.

Many people who opt for a tooth implant in Sydney tend to wonder if their newly installed teeth are subject to cavities. If you had the same question, you can rest easy. Implants aren’t organic. They’re made out of artificial material that is insusceptible to decay. However, it is still necessary to clean the surrounding gums and teeth.

2. They are made of the same material that makes up space shuttles.

Titanium. In fact, NASA uses Titanium and its alloys even to build rockets and guided missiles. This metal is stronger and lighter than steel, thus ensuring that it survives an entire lifetime. But few things beat walking around with NASA-approved rocket metal.

3. Tooth implants are the most successful tooth replacement solution.

Although tooth implant cost in Sydney can be high, they last forever unlike bridges, dentures and crowns. Moreover, bridges, dentures and crowns may not be completely successful with functions like eating and speaking. Tooth implants on the other hand look and function as good as the natural teeth.

4. Tooth implants can be gotten at any age.

Irrespective of whether you’re a high school teenager or an old woman pushing ninety, you can go ahead and get a tooth implant at any age.