Foods to Avoid After Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you’ve recently had a wisdom tooth removed, your dentist might have informed you about making certain dietary changes you’ll need to make during your recovery period. Painful secondary side effects like Dry Socket (when an underlying bone is exposed to air and food as a result of a partial blood clot) can be prevented if you avoid some of the foods mentioned below.

1. Aerated drinks

While it’s necessary to remain hydrated during the recovery process, you should avoid aerated drinks as they can weaken the blood clot in your socket. Also avoid using a straw as it creates negative pressure which can cause a Dry Socket.

2. Anything hot and spicy

Consuming any hot food shortly after wisdom tooth removal can cause a breakdown in the clotting of your blood in the socket and can lead to a Dry Socket. However, feel free to consume room temperature and cold foods. Consult your dentist or oral surgeon to know when it’s advisable to eat hot foods again.

3. Small foods

Foods that contain small seeds like sesame and poppy seeds and even rice items must be avoided as these particles can lodge themselves in your tooth socket and then require removal by your oral surgeon.

4. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol within 24 hours of cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney can cause a delay in the healing process and cause pain and swelling. It’s also necessary to determine from your dentist whether your medication is sensitive to alcohol.