Dental Implants – Everything you need to know about the procedure

Dental implants are an immediate solution for replacement of missing teeth. The best professionals you could count on for placing dental implants include periodontist, oral surgeon as well as general dentists having good training on dental implants in Sydney. Such experts would place crowns, dentures and bridges, which will all look just like natural teeth. […]

How Removal of Wisdom Teeth Benefits Your Health

When is the Right Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth? Find out here

Most people come up with the question, “How do I know when I have to remove my wisdom teeth?” Some of them are also under the misconception that wisdom teeth are something that must be removed, no matter whatsoever. The truth is that only impacted wisdom teeth have to be removed. Your dentist or oral […]

Common Dental Hygiene Mistakes Pointed out by Oral Surgeons

You might have probably heard several times that smile represents one’s personality. It definitely is! Your face, including your smile, is one of the attributes immediately noted by people you meet. And the key to make an impression with a good smile is to maintain a good oral hygiene. To ensure just that, have a […]